Meg Taino

Meg is a speech-language pathologist with 10 years of experience working with the pediatric population.  Before Meg joined the team at Chatabilities, she worked for 5 years as a speech-language pathologist and also 5 years as a special education teacher.  Meg has worked with children age 2 through 18 in public schools, pediatric outpatient clinic, and private practice.  She specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of school aged children with language learning disabilities, speech articulation disorders, and social communication disorders.

Meg has received more extensive training in methodologies including, Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking curriculum, SOS Feeding Therapy, Story Grammar Marker, and the Story Champs curriculum.

“When working with children and families, I feel that one of my greatest assets is having the experience of working across a variety of learning settings.  I have been the classroom teacher, the school clinician, the private practitioner, and also the parent.  By pooling those experiences, I am able to create dynamic treatment programs and connect with school teams in order to advocate for the needs of my clients and their families.”