How We Help


A comprehensive speech and language evaluation provide information relative to strengths and weaknesses in the areas of: sound production, vocabulary, verbal and written expression, grammar/syntax, comprehension, critical thinking, and social thinking. During diagnostic evaluations, both standardized and informal data are collected to analyze the child as a whole and make therapeutic recommendations via a written report.


We provide a holistic 1:1 approach that addresses language-based learning disabilities related to reading and language processing. We use systematic research-based programs including Orton Gillingham, Slant, Visualizing and Verbalizing, and RAVE-O.


With years of advanced training and practice, we take pride in offering effective social groups ranging in ages from pre-school to young adults. Our programs are based on the methodologies of Social Thinking. Our groups are designed to help people improve their social competencies to make connections with others and meet their individual social goals.


Rooted in research-based methodologies, we provide speech and language therapy to improve a variety of learning needs. Our therapies incorporate effective treatment while maintaining an enjoyable atmosphere. We value our partnerships with families and other professionals. Therapy can be delivered in both individual and group settings.


Our goal for our clients with executive functioning challenges is: STRATEGIES! We lean on the work of a variety of experts in the field to improve: planning, organization, time management, and study skills. We offer both direct therapy and teletherapy for our college-age students.


Through our years of providing intervention, we have learned the importance of providing experiences for our clients to generalize what they have learned. Inhibited by lack of social confidence or bonded friendships, many of our clients prefer to stay within their comfort zones. With support, our recreational programs provide a path to becoming more comfortable in a variety of social contexts.