Who We Help


  • Speech and Language Evaluations to identify a speech or language delay/impairment, assess articulation, receptive & expressive language, play skills.
  • Speech and Language Therapy, including comprehensive services in areas of speech sound production, receptive and expressive language, play skills, social skills, pre-reading skills.


  • Speech and Language Evaluations to identify speech or language delay and to develop appropriate intervention plans.
  • Speech and Language Therapy to facilitate language development, build critical thinking skills, improve verbal and written expression, and support academic functioning.
  • Social language development.
  • Collaboration with the school team to build effective IEPs.


  • Speech and Language Evaluations to identify a speech or receptive and/or expressive language disorder, examine critical thinking, social language, and literacy (reading and writing).
  • Therapy and Intervention with an individualized treatment plan and treatment for receptive and expressive language, verbal and written expression, critical thinking, executive functioning and social learning challenges.

Young Adults/Adults

  • Therapy services.
  • Individualized treatment plans to focus on remediation of language disorders, executive functioning deficits, and social challenges.
  • Teletherapy for college students.
  • Executive functioning coaching for study skills and coursework completion.
  • Job Coaching.
  • Social Groups.
  • Dating Support.